Packaging design photography studio food photographer CGI

1955 Zürich/Switzerland
1979 Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
1982 Royal Academy Amsterdam
1982 Founding Studio, glass, food and stills
1989 Debut Director commercial films, Brons Cannes Filmfestival
1990 Director special effects/commercials
1992 Start hi-res imaging/ Early Adopter LivePicture
1997 Panl & Gold Award Photography for WWF
1999 Hi-res digital photography/linear
2002 Extension of studio
2003 PANL Gold Award
2006 Leaves filmindustry to fully concentrate on CGI
2007 Integration of CGI into photography
2008 PANL Gold Award
2011 Elevated shots through custom-built 10 mtr. mast
2013 Quite busy